Ryanair pilot tackles crosswinds and pulls off challenging sideways landing

A Ryanair pilot was priased a hero for pulling off a difficult landing under very windy weather conditions.

A Portugal-based aviation enthusiast shared the spectacular moment on YouTube, Madeira Aviation, showing the pilot's brilliant handling to bring the plane to land safely.

Maderia Airport, also known as Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, is the third most dangerous airport in Europe due to the harsh winds.

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In the video posted in May, the Ryanair pilot shows his fantastic skills to overcome the crosswinds as the plane approaches the runway.

While battling the strong gusts, the plane tilts to the left and shifts away from the runway before the pilot manages to correct its course.

"RYANAIR unbelievable approach and landing at Madeira," the video was captioned.

"It was amazing this approach, I still thought it was going around but he managed to land!"

Some viewers shared their experience of flying out to Madeira.

One said: "There is lots of wind on Maderia quite often but the view from the plane was quite spectacular.

"At one point I had the impression of crashing on top of the houses and it took my breath away."

Another commented: "A perfectly executed approach and landing, kudos to the pilots."

"Madeira tests most pilots with the exceptional strong crosswinds and tight turn but always thankfully seem to cope well like this pilot," a third added.

In 1977, a flight from Portuguese airline TAP overran the runway and crashed into a beach, killing 131 people on board.

The runway was then extended twice by over a kilometre to 2,781 metres for safety reasons.

The mountainous setting of the airport and the location of the island set challenges for the pilots and a lot of times, arriving planes are forced to divert to the Canary Islands due to the battling conditions.


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