Russians nuclear panic as they are told to rush to bomb shelters

Russia: Nuclear weapons ‘not a deterrent’ claims Solovyov

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Russians were urged to immediately take shelter and wear gas masks in a later-confirmed cyber attack on state media channels as the nation’s war continues to rage in Ukraine. TV and radio programmes were interrupted in Moscow on Thursday with an urgent message to seek shelter, take anti-radiation pills and wear gas masks.

The message was shown on TV with a black and yellow radiation symbol and a map of Russia slowly being covered in red.

A Russian voice warned: “Urgent message. There was a strike. Urgently go to a shelter. Seal the premises. Use gas masks of all types.”

The Russian emergencies ministry later blamed the fake nuclear message on a cyber attack on Russian state broadcasters.


Russia unleashes major deadly strikes

A barrage of more than 80 Russian missiles and a smaller number of exploding drones hit residential buildings and critical infrastructure across Ukraine on Thursday, killing six people and leaving hundreds of thousands without heat or electricity.

According to the UK Defence Ministry: “On 09 March 2023, Russia conducted a wave of at least 80 long-range strikes against Ukrainian critical infrastructure.

“Russia deployed cruise missiles, air defence missiles in a surface-surface role, Iranian one way attack uncrewed aerial vehicles, and an unusually large number of hypersonic air-launched ballistic missiles during the attack.

“This was the first major wave of long-range strikes since 16 February 2023 and likely one of the largest since December 2022. Ukrainian officials reported at least 11 civilians killed.

“The interval between waves of strikes is probably growing because Russia now needs to stockpile a critical mass of newly produced missiles directly from industry before it can resource a strike big enough to credibly overwhelm Ukrainian air defences.”

The Russian Defence Ministry said the strikes were in retaliation for a recent incursion into the Bryansk region of western Russia by what Moscow claimed were Ukrainian saboteurs. Ukraine denied the claim and warned that Moscow could use the allegations to justify stepping up its own assaults.

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