Russian State TV reports new car as benefit of son being killed in Ukraine

Compensation money for the loss of a soldier killed in the Ukraine conflict is enough to buy his or her family a brand new car, according to Russian state TV.

Bizarre Russian propaganda shows a father "benefitting" from the death of his son, as he proudly reveals his brand new motor, bought from the proceeds of the money received for losing his loved one in the fighting.

The 30-second clip begins with a view of Staff Sergeant Alexei Malov’s parents sitting in their living room, with a picture of their son, with the caption: “Like his grandfathers and great-grandfathers, he fought against fascism.”

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The next shot sees the father showing another man his sparkling new, white Lada car in the garage, where the dad says: “In memory of our son, we bought a nice new car.”

The vehicle is backed out of the garage onto the road, with another caption: “The new Lada was bought with what people call ‘coffin money’, but what’s officially ‘a lump sum allowance for the family of the deceased’.

“His father says that Alexei (who was killed early in the war) dreamt of having a white car, just like this one.”

The clip ends with the car driving past a field full of war graves, with a concluding ominous caption of: “It’s first trip is to the cemetery.”

BBC Monitoring journalist Francis Scarr tweeted: “You couldn’t make this up.”

Along with the rumoured 50,000 deaths of Russian soldiers, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin added that almost 1,700 tanks have been destroyed in the conflict.

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Last week, the Ministry of Defence revealed that Moscow was turning to “non-traditional recruitment” as it looked to get more soldiers on the frontline, with convicts ready to be offered a place in the notorious Wagner Group of mercenaries.

The MoD penned on Twitter: “The Russian MOD are recruiting personnel from Russian prisons for the Wagner Private Military Company.”

The relatives of inmates told Russian outlet iStories that prisoners were offered around 200,000 rubles (£300,000), if they could survive six months "voluntary" service.

They added: “If they die, the family will be paid five million rubles (£72,000). All of this is just words. It’s not written anywhere.”


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