Russian boffin linked to crashed Moon mission blunder in mystery hospital dash

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    A top Russian astronomer and Moon scientist was rushed to hospital after the humiliating failure of Vladimir Putin’s Luna-25 mission.

    The unmanned robot lander was launched earlier this month and has since crashed into the surface of the moon after spinning into an uncontrolled orbit.

    Roscosmos representatives say they lost contact with the satellite shortly after a craft-related problem which led to an "unpredictable orbit".

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    Academician Mikhail Marov, 90, described as a key consultant to the mission, was rushed to hospital with a “sharp deterioration” in his health.

    Speaking from hospital, he told reporters that the failure of "the matter of my life" caused his spiral.

    ‌This came as he demanded no cover-up for the reasons the lunar mission – ordered by Putin – ended in disaster amid suspicions of endemic corruption in the space industry.

    Luna-25 was Russia’s first attempt to land on the Moon in 47 years.

    ‌Its failure is expected to trigger a blame game with Putin firing those he holds responsible for Russia’s humiliation.

    ‌Professor Marov, an ardent proponent on the Moon mission described in some reports as its scientific director, was devastated over the failed landing.

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    ‌He said Luna-25 was his "last hope to see the revival of our lunar programme” and this was now dashed.

    ‌He demanded that the reasons should not be hushed up.

    “There was a mistake in the algorithms for launching into near-lunar orbit,” he said. “It must be found.

    “I think the answer will be found in the foreseeable future.”

    From hospital Marov – a Soviet-era space giant – told reporters: "I am under observation. How can I not worry?

    “This has been very much a matter of my life. It's all very hard.”

    Russia must return to space and landing on the moon, he demanded.

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