Ripleys museum offers to buy real life Cocaine Bear to add to mad collection

One of the most infamous museums in the world has made an offer to buy the real bear which inspired hit film Cocaine Bear.

While the film from Elizabeth Banks used a CGI bear, the real life inspiration behind it is a taxidermied bear sitting in a shop in Kentucky, United States, called Kentucky For Kentucky.

The 175lb black bear was found in a forest next to a duffel bag that had once been filled with cocaine before it was hurled from a plane in 1985.

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The beast died after scoffing the gear.

After the bizarre discovery it was stuffed and put on display, with a baseball cap on its head and a plaque around its neck.

It has only been in the store owner's hands since 2015.

And now Ripley's Believe it or Not, which has a series of mad museums around the world, want to buy it.

A spokesman said: “Since the film’s recent buzz, Kentucky for Kentucky, which is actually inside the Kentucky Fun Mall, has received multiple offers, ranging from $10,000 (£8,300) to $300,000 (£250,000).

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“With over five million followers across social platforms, we reached an audience of 250,000 on Facebook and Instagram, polling them on whether the company should try and acquire Cocaine Bear or not.

“A strong 77.5% of followers agreed – Cocaine Bear is Ripley-worthy.

“Ripley’s fans across social media have tried to put a price tag on the trending taxidermy, from 'priceless' to estimating the current street value of the drugs ingested.

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“With that input, Ripley’s has decided to offer an undisclosed amount.”

The amount has not been disclosed, and the store has only commented to say that it welcomed the offers.

The store does, however, have a ton of Cocaine Bear merchandise on its website, and appear very happy to cash in on the film and bear's new popularity.

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