Rats ‘as big as cats’ plague UK seaside town and scare locals at tourist hotspot

Locals from a popular seaside town have been left terrified by rats allegedly "as big as cats" that are feared to be causing erosion of the cliffs at a tourist location.

A shocking video shows the enormous rodents running around Castle Beach in Tenby, Wales, as waves crash against the rocks below in what usually would've been a picturesque setting.

And unfortunately for the people of the Welsh town, it appears the issue is only getting worse.

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In response to growing concern, Pembrokeshire Council has advised people not to feed birds or drop food. In addition, they've sent in specially trained staff to investigate the cliff where the rats are supposed to be nesting.

Boatman Roger Miles is becoming increasingly stressed by the situation.

He told the BBC: "Early evenings, dusk, early morning, rats all over the place, really. There's a certain area where you see parts of the cliff have been eroded."

"Rats as big as cats sometimes, they're really big rats."

And he's begging the council to act promptly, adding: "It's been going on for a long time, it's been left alone, and something needs to be done about it."

Resident Derek Brown added: "It's the structural damage they might be doing to the cliff face that is the big worry."

For the last 30 years, Michael Linsday has run the 'Dennis Cafe', and in all his long years of serving lemon drizzle and hot chocolate, he's never seen the rat epidemic as bad. While there used to be a guy who "dealt" with them, he alleges that the rodents are now left to their own devices.

He said: "We've put bait down now. We probably see a rat at least once a week running around on the roads."

The rats aren't just staying outside. Poet Clive Dobbins couldn't believe his eyes when one of the furry beings made its way into his living room.

The writer recalled: "Suddenly, this thing dashed and hit my leg. Quite a few people have told me, especially on this mountain here, they've seen clusters of them."

In an attempt to keep the locals calm, a Pembrokeshire Council spokesperson said: "We are aware of issues with rodents and the need of additional baiting points, and are working to address this concern.

"We are using specialist staff to address the access to the cliff face: this may also allow us regular access for the future as well."

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