Rangers chased by bird with dagger claws like scene out of Jurassic Park

A wildlife ranger has had a terrifying encounter with the world's most dangerous bird when he was making his way to safety in a Jurassic Park-like chase.

Senior custodian Cameron Wilson and his team were patrolling on quad bikes in the remote part of Wuthathi Country on the Northern Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia.

He realised he was followed by a cassowary when he was leaving the area on a quad bike.

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As he made his escape, he crashed the bike and ended up having one on one moment with the bird until his team came for rescue.

When they headed back to the base, the cassowary displayed a very aggressive behaviour and gave the group a full-speed chase.

Video taken by the team shows the large black bird charging at the group's vehicle and closing in as the rangers raced back to the case along the track.

The determined cassowary does not appear to slow down at all – giving Cameron and his team a thrilling experience.

The flightless animal turns its attention to other rangers who were travelling in a six-seater buggyand stops chasing them.

Area coordinator Sophie Halt described it as a scene from the hit movie thriller "Jurassic Park", adding: "It was an absolutely incredible experience to see this bird on Country with Wuthathi Custodians."

She said cassowary are a very important species for Wuthahi and are listed as priority for protecting in the Wuthathi Indigenous Protected Area and Healthy Country plan.

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Their colleague, Clayton Enoch, recalled the unforgettable moment and told Australian Rural and Regional News: "Cameron was waving at me to slow down and I was like 'what for?'

"Then he held two fingers up to his eyes and pointed behind me and I saw the cassowary in the scrub.

"I thought: 'Holy s***'.

"I got whacked by a branch with green ants on it and had them crawling all over me at the same time."

The cassowaries are considered one fo the world's most dangerous birds due to their shy characteristics and their sharp dagger-like claws, up to four inches long, can slice and puncture any animal that is a threat, including humans.


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