Randy couple who used trout in grim sex act charged with bestiality offences

A couple who performed depraved sex acts with a trout and had sex on a grave have been charged with bestiality.

Grim footage circulated online in January of the couple's grim tryst.

In one video, shot on a boat, the pair are seen using a live trout to perform a sex act with the man involved heard saying "That's how you catch a trout."

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A second video was also posted online showing the couple having sex in broad daylight in a cemetery in northern Tasmania, Australia.

During the home video, the woman is heard saying ironically: "To the souls of the faithfully departed, may they rest in peace."

Tasmanian police today (Wednesday, February 1) arrested a woman, 57, and a man, 54, charging them with bestiality offences and "performing prohibited activities in a cemetery".

The grave where the bizarre act took place was later identified to belong to painter David Hammond Chapman, who died in 1983.

The footage was sent to Tasmanian-based newspaper The Mercury in Australia by a member of the public who told the newspaper: “I find this extremely disgusting, and I hope the news reaches the family of whose grave it is."

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In one of the clips, the unidentified woman is seen laying on top of the grave with her companion saying: “Well, there’s someone’s grave. It’s a grave babe."

He then says: “We’re going to f*** on the grave, that’s where it’s at.”

Tasmania Police said they were not aware of the morbidly themed first video.

“No formal report has been made to Tasmania Police regarding the video, and it is unknown if the matter occurred in Tasmania,” they said.

Regarding the second clip, they said: "Police are aware of a graphic video circulating involving two people and a fish. Police encourage anyone with the video to delete it immediately. Possessing or distributing the video would be an offence.”

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