Queen ‘concerned Harry will fly off the handle’ if role removed, says expert

The Queen may be concerned about “antagonising” Prince Harry who could ‘fly off the handle’ if he is removed as a Counsellor of state, a royal expert has claimed.

Historically, the Counsellors of state are the monarch’s spouse, and the next four people in the line of succession who are over the age of 21 and living in the UK.

These are the members of the royal institution who would step in for the Queen should she become incapacitated.

Since Prince Andrewsettled his civil sex abuse case with his accuser Virginia Giuffre after vehemently denying the claims against him, there have been calls for the prince to lose his position as counsellor.

And now, a Parliamentary briefing paper has led to suggestions that Harry could also be removed due to the fact he is now living in LA with his wife Meghan Markle.

However, speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast, the Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English suggested that the Queen might be reluctant to request that her grandson be removed.

“People I know, who know about the royal household and the way it works, have wondered quite loudly whether it could be that the Queen just doesn’t want to antagonise her grandson,” she claimed.

“Harry does tend to fly off the handle at the smallest things, as we know he was very unhappy, for example, about a photograph that didn’t feature him being included in the Queen’s broadcast one year.

“So to be legally removed as a counsellor of state might be seen as poking the bear.”

Reacting to the idea of the Duke of Sussex being stripped of his status as Counsellor, royal biographer Robert Hardman noted that the public might find it strange if Harry were to be removed as a Counsellor of state but Prince Andrew remained.

But, he stressed: “You need counsellors of state to be here to conduct business, so if he’s in LA then he obviously can’t do the job.”

The process of removing a Counsellor of State is one that requires Parliamentary approval, and therefore Robert suggested that this isn’t a matter for the Queen to deal with anyway.

However, the Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden reacted more aggressively.

He said: “I’m getting a bit wound up by this talk of not poking the bear, who cares? This is ridiculous. Someone who lives in LA potentially, legally, could be called upon to carry out duties for the Queen.

“Both of them [Prince Andrew and Prince Harry], they should be stripped. They need to be stripped of it so that people can see that Prince Andrew would never be stepping in for the Queen.”

Daily Star has contacted Harry’s representatives for comment.

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