Quarantined cat owners flood Twitter with funny snaps of their pets in lockdown

Cat owners have been sharing videos of them getting closer than ever to their furry friends after being quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Countries across the world have ordered people to remain inside unless absolutely necessary in a desperate attempt to stem the outbreak of COVID-19 which has killed more than 7,000 people.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said people should try to work from home when possible.

It has meant animal lovers across the globe have been able to spend some more quality time with their cats – and the result has been nothing short of brilliant.

Twitter has been flooded today with posts involving the hashtag “quarantinecats”, showing how felines are coping with the new attention.

In one hilarious clip, two cats were seen watching a YouTube video of another feline getting up to mischief.

They appeared transfixed at the scenes unfolding in front of them.

The clip was shared to Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Finally got them to watch YouTube #quarantinecats.”

Commenting on the video, one viewer wrote: “This is the cat equivalent of kids watching YouTube videos of other kids playing with toys.”

Others joked the pair weren’t the correct distance apart to prevent coronavirus infection.

But not everyone has been confined to their houses. Doug, a bus driver in Oregon, decided to go for a ride with his cat Junior after schools were shut down.

The cute pet gave his best dog impression to stare out of the window as his owner drove through the streets.

Doug did confirm in the clip that “we’re not getting out of the truck for anything, just driving around”.

Other cats have taken the more agitated approach to being stuck with their owners.

Jackie Palmer shared a video yesterday of her pet attacking her bookmark as she tried to read.

The cat then seemed less than impressed at the bookmark being removed and tried to claw at the sheets.

Jackie comically captioned the clip: “’This is a great time to catch up on reading’ they said.”

But perhaps the best of all the clips to have gone viral is that of tortoiseshell Eleanor.

Taken by owner Chris Lowery, the cute pet was seen standing on her hind legs and rubbing her paws together.

While it seemed that the pet was simply trying to reach Chris’ outstretched hand, he joked on Twitter: “Here’s Eleanor reminding me to wash my hands.”

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