Putin’s TV mouthpiece loses it on-air over triumphant Zelensky clips

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Top Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov lost it on live TV as footage of Volodymyr Zelensky’s warm reception in the US pushed him over the edge. Mr Solovyov castigated his own studio producers for repeatedly showing clips of Ukraine’s president receiving huge applause during the historic visit to DC earlier this week. The irate Kremlin mouthpiece became so furious at the on-air mishap during the live show that he interrupted his guest, the US-based Dimitri Simes.

Mr Solovyov revealed he had been messaging his producers on the show Full Contact behind the scenes during the interview to demand they remove the footage of the Ukrainian leader.

He said: “Forgive me, Dimitri. Guys, get rid of this video if you can’t read what is being written to you!”

Next to the image of Russian propagandist, footage played House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris accepting and holding up the Ukrainian flag, handed to them by Mr Zelensky.

The clips of President Zelensky receiving triumphant applause in the US Congress contrasted with a photoshopped picture on display behind Mr Solovyov in the studio.

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The photo showed the Ukrainian president shining Biden’s shoes, next to a caption that read: “A vassal has arrived.”

During the interview, the pair blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for comparing Winston Churchill to President Zelensky.

Mr Simes, who is president of The Center for the National Interest, suggested Vladimir Putin was the one who most resembled Churchill in his February speech announcing the invasion.

He said: “Putin addressed his people and said that the nation is in danger, that its enemies have a far-ranging plan.

“This was a speech worthy of Churchill! The speech of President Vladimir Putin.”

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Mr Simes said it was “unpleasant” to see US President Joe Biden meet with Zelensky, who he described as an “evil poodle”.

He added it was “disgusting” for Ms Pelosi to kiss Mr Zelensky’s hand during the meeting

Mr Solovyov concluded the interview saying: “Based on current events, 2023 is the year of big wars.

“We’re entering the year on terms of an escalation. No one knows whether this is the last year for all of humanity.”


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Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that Russia has made significant progress towards “demilitarising” Ukraine, despite losing huge swathes of land it had gained earlier in the war.

Demilitarisation was one of the initial goals of Russia’s invasion ten months ago.

On Thursday, President Putin dismissed the US decision to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine.

He said the missiles were “outdated,” adding that Russia’s missile systems would be able to shoot it down.

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