Putins nuclear submarine fires Bulava ballistic missile in final test stage

Russian president Vladimir Putin's nuclear submarine is said to have finished the final stages of its tests, with a Bulava missile launched from the Generalissimo Suvorov.

According to reports, the thunderous "Grom" nuclear arms exercise marks the final tests for the Bulava ballistic missile.

These tests come as Russian Navy Chief Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov said that their newest nuclear-powered devices were being tested with a "strategic missile undersea cruiser" and that the vessel would be "formally accepted" into the military.

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Those final dates for its official declaration as part of the Russian navy could come as early as next month, with fears over what this means for the despot's navy.

The Generalissimo Suvorov nuclear submarine successfully fired its Bulava ballistic missile while in the White Sea at a training ground on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

News of the successful blast was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defence via Telegram, where they released a statement citing the success.

Their statement read: "The crew of the latest Borei-A project Generalissimo Suvorov strategic missile submarine successfully fired a Bulava ballistic missile as part of the final stage of state tests."

Warheads fired by the chilling nuclear submarine are said to have landed in an area of the Kura Missile Test Range.

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Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov praised the launch, saying that the submarine would be accepted by the navy sometime next month at an as-yet disclosed date.

The Generalissimo Suvorov strategic missile submarine is the second ship to come from the Borei-A project, with the sub fitted with nuclear submarine capabilities and carriers.

Modern missiles and torpedo weapons, as well as navigation, radio engineering and sonar weapons are also added to the submarine.

Following the successful launch, Suvorov, a highly manoeuvrable nuclear stealth sub, will be added to the Russian navy ranks.

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