Putin under pressure to deliver something potentially drastic

Vladimir Putin under pressure to 'do something drastic' says expert

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CNN White House correspondent Natasha Bertrand said intelligence had become concerned after Vladimir Putin was reported to have faced criticism from Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin. Ms Bertrand explained that Prigozhin was seeking more involvement and more responsibility over the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. She reported latest intelligence briefings suggested further criticism has been brewing among the top brass of Putin’s regime, with the leader facing pressure to deliver “drastic” change to win.

Ms Bertrand said: “The reason why the US intelligence community found this meeting so interesting, was because it says a lot about Prigozhin’s ambitions and also his standing within Putin’s inner circle.

“It’s not just anyone who can confront Putin directly on this kind of thing.

“Members of Putin’s inner circle don’t usually decent openly to his policies.

“But, it also says a lot about Prigozhin’s ambitions, because what we were told is that he has become more and more emboldened in terms of challenging the Russian defence minister Sergey Shoigu for influence.

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Ms Bertrand added: “And of course, he has been telling people that he wants more resources and more responsibility.

“And more everything really, for Wagner forces who are notoriously brutal who are operating in Ukraine at a very large scale, upwards of 5,000 mercenaries now operating in Ukraine.

“So, the Kremlin now is really walking this interesting tightrope, Putin in particular.

“Because it’s not only Prighozin who has confronted him, it’s also other senior Kremlin officials we’re told saying, look you need to change something about the way this war is going.

“US intelligence officials are really concerned about that, they’re watching how Putin responds because some of these officials are saying you need to do something more, you need to do something potentially drastic.”

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Putin has been ramping up his threats on Ukraine and other Western countries in recent weeks, along with trying to bolster his military forces in order to fight on the frontlines.

Prigozhin was exposed in a leaked video speaking to Russian prisoners that he was recruiting them to join the battlefield in Ukraine just a few weeks ago.

The pair have been upping the ante in order to try and succeed in the ongoing invasion and reverse Ukraine’s military gains.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has also been watching to see how involved the Wagner Group is in Ukraine.

In a recent intelligence update, which was published on October 30, the MoD said: “On October 27, Russian mogul Yevgeny Prigozhin posted online, apparently admitting allegations that his private military company, the Wagner Group, had altered its standards and was recruiting Russian convicts suffering from serious diseases including HIV and Hepatitis C.

“The role of Wagner Group has evolved significantly since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Prigozhin has recently discussed plans to create a 200km long defensive ‘Wagner Line’ in eastern Ukraine. This endeavour would require a large labour force.

“There is a realistic possibility that some of the convict recruits will initially be put to work constructing the defences.”

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