Putin sent Russian intelligence officers to monitor daughter with new lover

Vladimir Putin’s frisky daughter was accompanied by packs of Russian intelligence officers when she nipped off to the west to visit her lover.

Katerina Tikhonova, 35, would allegedly be accompanied by an “army of special services officers” during sneaky trips to Munich, London and other locations – costing Russian taxpayers huge piles of cash.

According to an investigation based on leaked secret service papers by Important Stories and Der Spiegel, Ms Tikhonova would often sneak off to see Igor Zelensky, 53, before attending the Bavarian State Ballet.

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In March 2017, during a trip to London, six agents loyal to Putin are understood to have stayed in three hotel rooms to keep tabs on her.

“They had to huddle in cramped London hotels in pairs,” a report read.

During a trip to Hotel Continental Relax & Spa in Halmstad, Sweden, 10 officers from agencies formerly part of the KBG were in tow.

Two of the officer with her are later discovered to be former guards of dad Vlad, Dmitry Dankov and Dmitry Posunenko.

Ms Tikhonova was once married to Kirill Shamalov, 40, Russia ’s youngest billionaire – however, their time together came to an end and she is since understood to have moved on.

Since then she has been known to have entered into a relationship with Zelensky, who is a ballet star, and have had a daughter together.

It is understood that Tikhonova’s westward jaunts have been made on a Gulfstream G650 business jet, despite Putin often making clear his feelings towards Russians who spend time in NATO countries.

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The report from Important Stories said: “These documents are of great public importance.

“Thanks to them, we not only found out how the Putin family lived abroad but also how an army of special service officers accompanied them everywhere.”

Ms Tikhonova is the director-general of the National Intellectual Development Foundation in Russia and has played an active role in organising import substitutions for Russia in the face of Western sanctions.


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