Putin reeling as Russia attacked with 5 killed as raiders hit military base with explosion

Russia: Footage shows explosion in Belgorod

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The daring attack on the army base happened on July 5 in the town of Klintsy in the Bryansk region, which borders Ukraine. Russians not on the frontline had for some time been spared from the horrors of war that have been inflicted on their Ukrainian neighbours. However, in a spate of recent incidents the brutal realities of Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine are beginning to be felt by ordinary Russians.

Three masked gunmen are reported to have opened fire on soldiers from the 12721 military base in Klinstsy during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Local residents said they heard gunshots from automatic weapons and saw traces of blood on the street near where the incident took place.

Reports suggest the attackers were wearing dark-red clothes and that one man was injured.

Police have now launched an extensive search to try and find the armed and unidentified assailants.

In a statement the local branch of the Ministry of Interior said: “The Klinsty Ministry of Interior is looking for three unidentified masked men.

“Two were wearing dark-red clothes, while one was dressed in black.

“The men committed an armed attack on the military base 12721 on Parkov Street in the town of Klintsy, before fleeing to an unknown destination.

“One of the assailants received a gun wound.”

The incident took place two days after five residents were killed during a rocket attack on the town of Belgorod, which is located close to the Ukraine border.

Residents said they heard loud explosions during the night, which caused windows to blow out in many homes.

The explosions are believed to have come from air defence systems which were activated to intercept incoming rockets.

In a video posted by the Baza Telegram Channel, a loud bang can be heard, followed by a huge fire ball soaring into the night’s sky.

A further video shows a house on fire, as people gather round and watch on in horror.

Fear and panic has started to grip local residents, as they come to terms with the realities of the “special operation” being conducted in their name.

On a walk around the town, the the Governor of the Belgorod region was approached by anxious citizens, demanding to know how the government would keep them safe.

A woman asked Vyacheslav Gladkov: “How are we supposed to sleep peacefully at night now? I have a daughter at home!”

However the Governor’s reply was far from reassuring for the woman and her fellow townspeople.

He replied: “What has just happened is of course a very difficult situation.


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“But I cannot give you guarantees that such an incident will not happen again.”

The footage of the conversation was posted to Twitter by Leonid Nevzlin, a former Russian executive at the oil giant Yukos.

Commenting on the video, he said: “The Russians slept peacefully while their troops bombed Kyiv and Odessa.

“Now something has happened. Residents of Belgorod, after loud noises, ask the governor how they can sleep peacefully.

“Answer: no way. The situation is this. Stop the war and you will sleep peacefully.”

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