Putin pundit threatens to invade Germany after Berlin releases ‘Russia f**k you’ stamps’

Russian TV host slams German Culture Minister over joke

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Germany’s culture minister Claudia Roth was filmed on Monday holding the stamps which related to the Russian warship Moskva’s assault on Snake Island. On February 24, the Russian warships were told to “go f*** yourself” by a Ukrainian guard on the island. Russian state TV’s Vladimir Solovyov has since responded to the video of Ms Roth with a threat.

Solovyov said: “When we used to speak about German culture, it appeared to be a genuine phenomenon, and then 2022 came along!

“The German Culture Minister. Do you think that after that Government recruited those idiots, scum, louts, and scoundrels, we should talk to them about anything?

“Is the Culture minister who’s pretending that she’s translating what’s written on the stamp?

“On the stamp, there’s writing about the Russian warship.

“She was telling us to f*** off! And what are we supposed to do now?

“Once again shake the dust off the Teutonic graves with the thundering march of Soviet boots?

“Will they never get the message otherwise?”

Meanwhile, Germany is ready to ramp up its military mission in Lithuania in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said during a visit to Vilnius on Tuesday.

“We are ready to strengthen our engagement and to develop it towards a robust combat brigade,” Scholz told reporters after meeting with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda and the prime ministers of Latvia and Estonia.

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“We will defend every centimetre of NATO’s territory,” he added.

German government sources said Berlin would earmark one combat-ready brigade with some 3,000 troops that could be deployed quickly to defend Lithuania if necessary.

The number of German troops in Lithuania would be ramped up to 1,500, from 1,000 at the moment, the sources said.

This could be followed by expanding the multinational German-led NATO combat unit in Lithuania to the size of a brigade in the longer term, Scholz and Nauseda said in a joint statement.


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For Nauseda, this means the brigade will be based in Lithuania in no more than one-and-a-half years, he told reporters after visiting German troops stationed at the Pabrade military base.

The German-led multinational battalion of originally about 1,000 troops was sent to Lithuania after Russia annexed Crimea, to stall a Russian attack until reinforcements arrive.

The Baltics now expect more troops from Canada and Britain, which are in charge of similar NATO units in Latvia and Estonia, Nauseda told reporters.

Berlin sent hundreds of additional troops to Lithuania in the immediate aftermath of Feb. 24 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow calls a “special military operation”.

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