Putin kidnaps Ukrainian kids and sends them to hellhole ‘re-education’ camps

Russia has been accused of war crimes for 'kidnapping' hundreds of thousands of children and sending them to 're-eductation camps' as part of a mass 'Russification campaign'.

The systematic campaign, which is “coordinated by Russia ’s federal government” according to a Yale report, saw teachers in Ukraine told to give consent forms to parents, telling them to bring their children to a specific destination the next day.

Hundreds of thousands, according to one estimate, are then whisked away to re-education camps for a form of cultural assimilation in which non-Russians are "Russified" at the expense of their own culture.

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A report by Yale University, cited by the Mirror, last month said more than 6,000 children aged between four months and 17 years were being held in 43 camps.

More than two-thirds of the facilities, they said, were engaged in “re-education”.

Daria Herasymchuk, Ukraine’s commissioner for children’s rights, told the Sunday Times they believe the true toll to be higher.

She said: “Russians say they have 738,000 Ukrainian kids they evacuated — but it’s not an evacuation, it’s abduction and brainwashing and it’s an act of genocide.

“We don’t believe it’s as many as that — we have so far documented 16,221 — but I think it’s a few hundred thousand,” she says. “It’s all part of their Russification campaign.”

According to Herasymchuk, the Russians use five methods to get the kids to the camps. One, kill the parents and take the children; two, take them directly from parents; three, separate parents and children in so-called filtration camps; four, trick them by sending children to sports or health camps; or kidnapping them from special schools, boarding schools and orphanages.

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The Yale report found that the actions could constitute war crimes.

Tatiana Vlaiko told the Sunday Times that on one of the few times she spoke with her daughter from one of the camps, the 11-year-old mentioned that everything was in Russian and they had to sing the Russian anthem every morning.

And then, instead of coming home after two weeks, Vlaiko was told her daughter had been moved from that camp to another.

“I called her teacher, asking what is happening, will you bring them back? But she stopped answering", Ms Vlaiko said.

Only 307 children have so far been retrieved, according to Herasymchuk and some children have been in prisoner-of-war swaps.

Inessa Vertash, 43, from Beryslav, 55 miles east of Kherson, last saw her middle son Vitaliy, 15, five months ago.

She said: “He called me, crying, saying it’s not a camp for kids, it’s like a prison."

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