Putin humiliated as intercepted call shows Ukrainians air power ‘Next thing, they’ve gone’

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Volodymyr Zelensky’s air force pilots have been able to strike without being detected by their targets, according to reports. A Russian troop is understood to be heard expressing his dismay in uncovered audio footage.

The soldier told his parents during a telephone call: “We’re sitting around, listening to the chatter.

“Out anti-air guy says ‘get ready, incoming in 10-15 minutes, two jets’.”

“Next thing they say is that the strike has been carried out…

“The [Ukrainian] planes have already left.”

The conversation was intercepted and later published by Ukraine’s SBU security service, according to media outlet The New Voice of Ukraine (NV).

NV adds that the conversation suggests Russian forces are using indiscriminate munitions in their fight against Ukraine’s troops.

Reports say the Russian solder noted: “We’re f*g pelting them with phosphorous, cluster [munitions].

“Not a care in the world.

“Everything melts here.”

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He reportedly added in jest: “At least it looks great at night.”

The soldier’s words match figures which show a rapid rate of artillery any ammunition consumption in the ongoing conflict.

Between May 19 and 31, an average of 585 daily fire missions were carried out by Russia alone.

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These spiked at 735 on the 21st of that month.

The numbers, according to the Royal United Services Institute, demonstrate that “the age of industrial warfare is still here”.

This is problematic not just for Russia but for Ukraine, too.

All the more so given that a report by Ukrainian and Western intelligence officials, seen in June by the Independent, showed Ukraine’s forces are outgunned 20 to one to Russia in artillery and an incredible 40 to one in ammunition.

A month after the release of this report, the Financial Times asked: “Is the West running out of ammunition to supply Ukraine?”

It drew particular attention to the fact the UK recently had to buy a howitzer from a third party to send to Ukraine because its own supply was too low.

These signals, along with varying intelligence reports from the ground, make the overall situation in the Ukraine incredibly difficult to properly assess.

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