Putin boasts of new deadly weapons capable of stopping nuclear attack

A top Russian scientist has declared that the secretive weapons programme underseen by Vladimir Putin has produced powerful weapons capable of a preventing US nuclear strike.

Russia is known to have developed a fleet of experimental strategic weapons such as the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile system and the nuclear-armed Poseidon torpedo.

Russian scientist and Putin ally, Mikhail Kovalchuk told Russian state media: “The creation of new types of domestic strategic weapons (Sarmat, Poseidon, Burevestnik) saved Russia from a preventive nuclear strike by the United States.”



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  • Hamas thank Putin tireless efforts’ to stop Israel’s ‘aggression’

    A statement released by Hamas on Telegram: “We in Hamas appreciate the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the ongoing Zionist aggression against our people.”Putin has called on both Israel and Hamas to “minimize or reduce to zero” civilian casualties.

    Putin humiliated as key Russian assault has ‘deflated’ within days

    Vladimir Putin will likely be livid at reports Russia’s days-long assault on the key Ukrainian city of Avdiivka appears to be waning.

    At least three Russian battalions, each supported by an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 troops, launched an attack on the city last Tuesday and pummelled Avdiivka with rockets for days.

    At the height of the attack, Vitalii Barabash, head of the city administration, said Ukraine’s forces were repelling up to 60 assaults a day.

    But over a period of 24 hours between October 15 and 16, Ukrainian troops only had to fence 15 Russian attacks from four directions, suggesting the Russian effort to capture Avdiivka has “deflated”, Mr Barabash said.

    Located north of the city of Donetsk, Avdiivka is of key strategic importance, as it grants Ukraine artillery advantages over the city and could be used to launch an effort to liberate the area from Russian occupiers.

    Volodymyr Zelensky confirms Ukraine deployed US ATCAMS

    Ukrainian President Zelensky has confirmed that Ukrainian forces used long-range US ATCAMS against the Russian military.

    North Korea suppling Russia with muntitions ‘at scale’

    North Korea is said to be operating an “Orient Express” munitions delivery network aimed at filling the Russian military orders for ammunition. A report RUSI has identified two Russian ships making journoies to the port of Rajin in North Korea.

    “The supply will bolster Russia’s war effort, posing problems for Ukraine and its allies who may need to further increase their support to keep pace with this new reality.

    The report states the network “creates a new source of revenue for Pyongyang, which has traditionally used the proceeds of arms sales to develop its own nuclear and ballistic missile programme in violation of UN sanctions.”

    US, South Korea and Japan hold summit to discuss North Korean arms supplies to Russia

    The US State Department has confirmed that representatives from the US, South Korea and Japan have met in Jakarta to discuss North Korea’s ongoing military ties with Russia.

    Lithuania to repair tanks damaged in Ukraine

    Lithuania’s Ministry of Defence has offered to repair repair Leopard tanks damaged in Ukraine.

    The Leopard 2 tanks are used by a number of European countries, and are considered easier to maintain and more fuel-efficient than most other Western tanks.

    Hungary’s Orban calls for end of fighting in Ukraine

    Viktor Orban is the only European leader in attendance at the belt and Road Forum in Beijing.

    There, he met Vladimir Putin, with whom he discussed gas and oil shipments and nuclear energy issues, according to Mr Orban’s press chief.

    The press officer, Bertalan Havasi, also said the Hungarian leader stressed the importance of ending fighting in Ukraine.

    Mr Orban also called for the flow of war refugees to be halted and the end of Western sanctions against Russia.

    Ukraine releases more information on attacks on occupied airfields

    Special Operations Forces in Ukraine were successful in hitting airfields in Berdyansk and Luhansk as part of a mission dubbed Dragonfly, UNITED24 Media reported.

    This operation saw the forces obtaining intelligence regarding how Russia uses the airfields in the occupied territories and what is stored there.

    Russian troops, the report claimed, sustained “significant losses”, with dozens reported dead and wounded.

    The attack on Berdyansk and Luhansk included the destruction of nine Russian helicopters of various modifications, special equipment stationed at the airfields, an anti-aircraft missile launcher and an ammunition warehouse.

    Vladimir Putin ‘has no rivals’ in Russia

    The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, said there is no real competition at the moment when it comes to the upcoming presidential elections in Russia.

    Mr Peskov said: “We have repeatedly said that President Putin is undoubtedly the number one politician (and) statesman in our country.

    “In my personal opinion … he has no rivals at the moment and cannot have any in the Russian Federation.”

    Putin hasn’t yet announced he will run in the next elections, expected to take place in March.

    Putin meets Xi

    Vladimir Putin was welcomed at the Belt and Road Forum by Xi Jinping.

    The pair were photographed shaking hands during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing.

    Ukraine shares pictures of Russian attack on residential building

    Russia has been accused of attacking a residential building in Sloviansk, in the Donetsk Oblast.

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs said Russia struck a five-storey dormitory building.

    Two people may be trapped beneath the rubble.

    Rescue operations are currently underway, with the involvement of rescuers from the Donetsk region and a consolidated unit of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, UNITED24 Media reported.

    UK ambulances delivered to Ukraine

    A number of British ambulances have arrived in Lviv, western Ukraine, to be delivered to hospitals on the frontline.

    The five vehicles have been donated by the charity Medical Life Lines Ukraine and are set to be sent to the war-torn city of Kherson as well as the towns of Kupiansk and Vorozhba.

    Russian aircraft patrol Sea of Japan

    Two Russian strategic bombers have carried out a seven-hour flight over the Sea of Japan while being accompanied by Su-35 fighter jets, Russia’s Defence Ministry said.

    Sergei Kobylash said the patrolwas completed “in strict accordance with international rules for using airspace”.

    He continued: “Long-range aviation pilots regularly carry out flights over the neutral waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, Black and Baltic Seas, and Pacific Ocean.”

    Ukraine releases latest estimates of Russia’s combat losses

    Kyiv believes Russia lost in battle, as of October 17, approximately 289,430 troops, 4,979 tanks and 6,936 artillery systems.

    Putin and Xi may discuss Israel-Hamas war

    Russian state news agency RIA said Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin may discuss the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel during their meeting in Beijing.

    On Monday, Putin told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he wanted to help prevent a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip, being hit by retaliatory air strikes launched by Tel Aviv’s forces.

    Dramatic moment Russian T-90 tank blown to pieces by Ukraine in key battleground

    A new video shared on X, formerly Twitter, by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence shows a tank near the city of Avdiivka being blown to pieces.

    The dramatic clip seemingly shows a T-90 – Russia’s main battle tank – travelling across the battlefield before it suddenly explodes, sending thick smoke and debris from the vehicle high into the sky.

    Ukraine’s defence ministry wrote in a caption to accompany the video: “Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces destroy one more Russian ‘no analogue’ T-90 near Avdiivka.”

    Russian troops have been trying to storm the strategically important city in eastern Ukraine for several days.

    Ukrainian territorial defence force destroy Russian T-90 near Avdiivka

    Kyiv claims to have struck Russian airfields in occupied Ukraine

    Ukraine claims to have launched a successful attack against Russia in a territory occupied by Moscow’s troops.

    Kyiv’s forces said to have made “well-aimed strikes on enemy airfields and helicopters” in Russian airfields and equipment near the cities of Luhansk and Berdiansk.

    This claim was dismissed by Vladimir Rogov, a Russian-installed official in parts of the Zaporizhzhia region controlled by Moscow.

    He wrote on Telegram: “According to preliminary information, our air defence system successfully intercepted enemy rockets.

    “Information about victims and possible damage is being clarified.”

    Russia revoking ratification of nuclear test ban treaty

    Russia is revoking ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the speaker of the Duma’s lower house has announced.

    This move is being done in the “interests of ensuring the security of Russia”, Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said.

    Mr Volodin said Washington had failed to ratify the 1996 treaty due to its “irresponsible attitude to global security issues”.

    On the other hand, Russia had ratified the treaty in 2000.

    Russian troops ‘unlikely’ to successfully clearing Avdiivka in the short term – UK

    The British Ministry of Defence shared its assessment of the Russian offensive in Avdiivka.

    Vladimir Putin arrives in China

    Vladimir Putin travelled to China to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping and attend a forum focused on the Belt and Road initiative, a plan launched by Mr Xi in the hope to build global infrastructure and energy networks connecting Asia with Africa and Europe.

    This is Putin’s second trip abroad since the ICC slapped him with an arrest warrant in March.

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    Good morning from London. I’m Alice Scarsi, I’ll be bringing you all the latest developments on the war in Ukraine.

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