Prince Philips best one-liner came right after the Queens coronation

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 68 years on the throne today.

Following his tragic death earlier this year, it is the first time the Queen has marked the occasion without her beloved husband Prince Philip by her side.

Married 73 years, Philip was by the Queen's side when she took over as the country's leading monarch on June 2, 1953.

Millions celebrated at home or at street parties across the country, and there were the lucky few inside Westminster Abbey who witnessed the historic moment first-hand.

The Queen, then aged 25, succeeded her father King George VI when he died on February 6, 1952.

But it was not until June 2, 1953, when she was 26, that she was crowned.

Well-known for his cheeky sense of humour, many say that his best one-liner actually came right after the ceremony.

On the Duke's 90th birthday on June 8, 2011, MPs paid tribute to his "unique turn of phrase", with then-Labour Leader Ed Miliband speaking fondly of the "legendary" example of Prince Philip's quick wit.

"Legend also has it that following the Coronation in 1953 he turned to Her Majesty and said: 'Where did you get that hat?'" Mr Miliband said.

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"Humour is a great part of British life and we thank the duke for his unique contribution."

The Duke, who died aged 99, became iconic for his eyebrow-raising remarks.

Upon his tragic death in April, the Queen paid a touching tribute to her late husband where she said: “He (Philip) has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know.”

Just like many of Her Majesty's biggest life events, her husband Philip was also present at the coronation.

Photos from the big day show the royals posing together for portraits to mark the occasion and later waving to crowds from the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen has since revealed that her horse-drawn ride from the palace to Westminster Abbey was “horrible”.

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Speaking ahead of a BBC’s groundbreaking documentary ‘The Coronation’ in 2018, the monarch said: “It’s only sprung on leather, not very comfortable.”

She went on: “It’s the sort of I suppose the beginning of one’s life really as a sovereign.

“It is sort of a pageant of chivalry and old-fashioned way of doing things really. I’ve seen one coronation (her father George VI’s in 1937) and been the recipient in the other, which is pretty remarkable.”

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