Prince Harry risks ‘losing himself’ with Meghan after backlash over awards list

Prince Harry is risking "losing himself" with Meghan Markle after facing backlash over an awards list attempting to rival the Royal Family, it has been claimed.

The Duke of Sussex and his wife are reportedly planning to release an honours list with their charity Archewell.

Charities and individuals will be awarded the couple’s praise for services to eduction and environmental stewardship, according to court documents reported on by The Sun.

However, royal fans accused the couple of attempting to rival The Queen.

Commentator Darren Grimes spoke about the reports on his YouTube channel, reports Express.

He said: "Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have kept their royal titles and privileges and are using them to suggest they can bestow honours upon people like they are reigning monarchs of a nation themselves.

"Prince Harry has exchanged simple principles of duty to Queen and country.

"I am sorry but they gave up their privileges and the monarchy and last time I checked, America does not have one so who do they think they are to dish out these privileges.

"What honour system are they relying on here?"

He then touched on the topic of Prince Harry and said he was losing himself.

Mr Grimes said: "They said they left their royal duties for a more private life, my God, they have a funny way of going about it don't they.

"Prince Harry, I am afraid folks, could well be lost to us.

"More importantly I think he is starting to be lost to himself."

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Mr Grimes added: "It is clear to me that this is Meghan and Harry not wanting to be outdone.

"Now that they have said goodbye to their royal duties at home they have decided to issue out their own honour system.

"Who does this royal couple think they are?"

In response to the criticism, Archewell's press secretary Toya Holness said: "We look forward to sharing more about Archewell’s work in the weeks ahead, but any suggestion that it is intended to rival the UK honours list is false."

The Sun newspaper also claimed Meghan and Harry would celebrate leaders in a wide range of fields they care about including mental health and the environment.

Firms, charities and individuals could expect to be celebrated by the Royal couple in their Archewell honours list.

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