Prince Harry kept all William’s ‘angry’ texts from 72-hour ‘brainwashed’ row

Prince Harry claims he kept all the messages from a furious text exchange with William who accused him of being ‘brainwashed’.

The Duke of Sussex detailed the argument in his memoir ‘Spare’ which was released today (January 10).

In one of the extracts, the 38-year-old prince shares a moment his brother accused him of being unwell and ‘brainwashed’ by his therapist.

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The furious row involved a heated back and forth that stretched over 72 hours – as Harry claims it was like he and his brother were speaking different languages.

He added that the pair had never fought like this in the past.

Harry said: “I saved the texts. I have them still. I read them sometimes, with sadness, with confusion, thinking: How did we ever get there?”

The argument occurred after Harry became emotional during a TV segment surrounded by ‘brave, sick children’ – weeks after learning he would soon be a dad.

Harry said that the presenter, who'd been a friend of his mother, stepped over and gave his shoulder a concerned rub.

The passage reads: “Soon after, I got a text from Willy. He was in Pakistan on tour. He said I was clearly struggling, and he was worried about me.”

Harry recalls his brother responding by telling him he wasn’t well and needed to seek help.

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He continued to write: “I reminded him that I was doing therapy. In fact, he'd recently told me he wanted to accompany me to a session because he suspected I was being ‘brainwashed’.

“Then come, I said. It will be good for you. Good for us.”

The Duke of Sussex claims that his brother never joined him, and it was simply a strategy to undermine his reliability.

“I worked hard at keeping my texts to him civil” Harry added.

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“Nonetheless, the exchange turned into an argument, which stretched over seventy-two hours. Back and forth we went, all day, late into the night – we'd never had a fight like that over text before.

“Angry, but also miles apart, as if we were speaking different languages. Now and then I realized that my worst fear was coming true: after months of therapy, after working hard to become more aware, more independent, I was a stranger to my older brother. He could no longer relate to me – tolerate me.

“Or maybe it was just the stress of the last few years, the last few decades, finally pouring out.

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“I saved the texts. I have them still. I read them sometimes, with sadness,

with confusion, thinking: How did we ever get there?

“In his final texts, Willy wrote that he loved me. That he cared for me deeply. That he would do whatever is needed to help me.

“He told me to never feel any other way.”

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