Prince Harry ‘cougar’ to auction toy he gave her on night she took his virginity

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    The “older woman” who was had sex with a teenage Prince Harry in a field behind Wiltshire pub is set to capitalise on her unwanted fame by auctioning off a unique gift.

    Sasha Walpole's dentity was finally exposed after a weeks-long “guessing game” that had suspects from Elizabeth Hurley to interior designer Catherine Ommanney being suggested as the woman who took the young prince’s virginity.

    But now her name is finally out there, the 40-year-old digger driver is determined to make the best of the situation by auctioning off the cuddly toy he gave her as a birthday present on the very night of their romp.

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    The proceeds of the auction will go to benefit victims of the massively destructive earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

    Over 50,000 people are known to have died in the twin earthquakes that struck the region in early February.

    Many more have been injured, or left homeless in freezing conditions. As many as 530,000 people have been evacuated from the disaster area in Turkey alone.

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    Sasha told the Daily Mail: "The earthquake happened the day after my story came out and I remember thinking how much more important this was than who had or hadn’t slept with a Prince.

    "I thought auctioning this bit of cheeky Royal memorabilia could be my way of helping out".

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    She says that Harry gave her the toy Miss Piggy on her birthday – the same day as their infamous al fresco coupling.

    Harry had stuffed the Muppet’s bra with tissues to simulate Sasha’s bustline before presenting it to her with a birthday card signed with his nickname: “loads of love, Baz”.

    “Miss Piggy had been living quietly up in my attic for 20 years,” Sasha said, “so hopefully someone can give her a new lease of life that befits her colourful outfit and story".

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    “To me it was just a stuffed toy given to me by a friend. But I hope it raises a lot of money for a good cause," she added.

    Sasha kept the story of her secret tryst with the prince until Harry revealed the story in his memoir, Spare.

    She says she didn’t know he was going to tell their story, and hasn’t heard from him since the book was published.

    “I’m not offended,” she said, “but it would have been nice, given the upheaval it caused”.


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