Prince George ‘trained’ for ‘enchanting’ royal ritual by Queen, expert claims

Prince George was personally “trained” by the Queen for a nerve-wracking rendition of the national anthem, a royal commentator has claimed.

As his ninth birthday approaches later this month, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s oldest son has started to appear at an increasing number of public events.

Recently, George was front and centre with his siblings while appearing at the Queen’s Jubilee, waving from the balcony and enjoying the weekend’s festivities with his parents.

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Now, royal commentator Neil Sean has examined one of George’s appearances, and suggested that his ability to act older than his years is down to the Queen’s influence.

“It all started back at the European football championships when he was standing alongside his beautiful mother Catherine and of course his father Prince William,” he began.

“Did you notice the way that he sang the national anthem word perfect without looking at his mother or his father?

“When you think about it, he would have known that cameras would have been scrutinising and looking at every single word, but nothing, he marched on.”

Neil claimed to have conducted an investigation on how George managed to learn the anthem, revealing that he had allegedly had some assistance from the monarch herself.

“According to that good source, the person that taught him was none other than our gracious Majesty the Queen. This was on their Sunday annual visits out at Windsor Castle.

“She trained them – like she did William – to understand the merits of this particular anthem and also to make sure (they understand) the beat and the time, just like her father did for her and her younger sister Margaret Rose.”

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Neil admitted that at first he couldn’t imagine the Queen carrying out this “enchanting” duty, but suggested that perceptions about the monarch had shifted after her “humanised” appearance with Paddington Bear in a skit during the Jubilee weekend.

“So for Prince George, what a wonderful memory, but also let’s congratulate him because how frightening to sing that in front of the world with the world’s media watching you, without making a mistake,” he continued.

“Definitely a man to be watching, and how proud must he have made his parents Katherine and William?”

This comes as royal fans are set to celebrate the prince’s ninth birthday on July 22, with the expectation that any party will be a private family affair.


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