Prince Charles charity received donation from Russian oligarch on Putin list

Prince Charles' charity received a whopping £300k donation from an "unsavoury character" and it's emerged that a Russian oligarch forked out the sum as part of a £3million pledge.

The Prince’s Foundation was the beneficiary of the sum from a charity run by Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor in 2020, despite the fertiliser billionaire being named on a "Putin list" released by the US Treasury two years earlier. The sum was paid before the war in Ukraine.

The UK Government, which has sanctioned Mr Kantor, says that he is the largest shareholder of fertilizer company Acron, which has vital strategic significance for the Russian government.

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In April, the UK sanctioned the magnate, worth an estimated £3.5billion, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine that started in late February.

The Daily Mail reported that the 68-year-old has paid over £15million into British institutions. This includes two lump sums as part of a £3million pledge to be paid to The Prince’s Foundation over 10 years.

The first instalment, which was £300k, was paid in 2019 and another payment of the same amount reportedly came in 2020.

Clarence House said: "As with all donations, the decision to accept this money would have rested with the charity’s trustees."

Former Lib Dem minister Norman Baker, who filed a criminal complaint about the matter last year, said: "The Prince’s Foundation has a long history of accepting money from unsavoury characters.

"It now turns out that you add to the list an oligarch with ties to Vladimir Putin.

"Either the Prince’s Foundation failed to carry out due diligence or it simply doesn’t care."

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Mr Baker was referring to a string of alleged dealings with the likes of the family of Osama Bin Laden, from whom the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) secured a £1million donation after Charles held a private meeting with his half-brother Bakr at Clarence House in 2013.

Osama's half-brothers have never had any involvement in any terrorist activity and denounced Bin Laden.

Prince Charles was not personally involved in the donation, a Clarence House spokesperson said.

In June, Charles faced questions over his judgement after admitting receiving €3million in cash donations from a former Qatari prime minister.

The heir to the throne, who has insisted he did nothing wrong, was said to have been given the cash in three bundles of £1million each – including one stash of notes alleged to have been handed over in a suitcase by Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, a businessmen with a £2billion fortune who served as Qatar’s prime minister between 2007 and 2013.

The Prince’s Foundation is also currently facing a police investigation into allegations that it fixed an honour for a Saudi billionaire in return for donations.


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