Police launch urgent appeal for boy last seen in Turkey amid ‘serious welfare concerns

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George Jack Temperley-Wells went missing in June after it is believed that he travelled with his mother from Darlington to the Antalya region of Turkey on June 29.

Teesside Live gave a description of George as a young boy with red hair, a pale skin tone and dark eyes.

The four-year-old was last seen in the Antalya area and the Durham Constabulary have said that they have “serious concerns for his welfare”.

The police have asked those who are in contact with his mother, Brogan Elizabeth Temperley, to urge her to contact the authorities either in Turkey or in the UK as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for the Durham Constabulary said: “Police are appealing for urgent assistance to help locate a missing child.

“George Jack Temperley-Wells is believed to have travelled from Darlington to the Antalya area of Turkey with his mother Brogan Elizabeth Temperley on June 29 this year.

“They are likely to have spent time with the four-year-old’s father, 41-year-old Scott Nigel Wells, while in Turkey.”

The spokesman added: “George has red hair, a pale complexion, and dark eyes. His mother, Brogan, is 28 and described as slim build with long, dark hair and dark eyes.

“George was last seen in the Marina area of Antalya in Turkey, where two of these pictures were taken.

“Police have serious concerns for his welfare and need to urgently locate George and speak with his mother.

“Anyone who is in contact with her is asked to encourage her to contact the authorities in Turkey or the UK immediately to confirm her whereabouts and/or seek assistance to return home.”

Those in the UK have been instructed to call the Durham police on 101 with the incident number 325 of June 30.

Those in Turkey must either visit a local police station or call the emergency number on 112/115.

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