Police deployed to UK supermarkets to guard stores amid coronavirus panic buying

Britain’s supermarkets are to be guarded by police officers when London goes into lockdown, insiders have reportedly said.

The capital is widely reported to shut down in the coming days, with transport already being severely restricted.

Transport for London has already shut down up to 40 underground stations, with buses and tube services largely reduced.

And more measures are expected to hit the capital as the UK desperately fights back against the coronavirus outbreak.

Now news agency Reuters has reported that supermarkets are expecting to get police support to deter unruly behaviour if a lockdown takes place.

Supermarkets have been left with empty shelves in recent days as panic buyers continue to flood stores and buy in bulk amid fears of a UK-wide lockdown.

But the dramatic scenes have been further marred by shoppers fighting in the aisles as they desperately scrap for food.

And supermarket are reportedly growing concerned that panic buying could spike even more if further restrictions are imposed.

So police officers are now set to move in to guard stores, according to an industry source quoted by Reuters.


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