Pilot walks away after plane crashes onto motorway and skids onto driveway

The pilot of a light aircraft had a lucky escape after he crash-landed onto a Florida motorway, walking away with just minor injuries.

Remy Colin, 40, who was flying a Cessna 182 Skylane, came down on the University Boulevard and North Econlockhatchee Trail in Orlando on Friday afternoon (August 19), managing to miss passing cars as he smashed into the end of someone’s driveway, with a palm tree halting his progress.

Footage from a passing motorist shows the plane just missing some electricity lines before it nosedives into the ground and sliding in to the driveway, where it comes to a stop.

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Witness Amanda Skuban who filmed the dramatic scenes, said: “At first, we just thought it was, like, flying really low, and then all of a sudden, it was kind of heading toward us. At the last second, it started to move toward the other side of the road.”

The Florida Highway Patrol believed the crash was due to a mechanical failure but Colin, who runs a company called Aerial Messages, claimed he was distracted as he tried to fix the faulty radio, while he had also run out of fuel and lost power, while on a maintenance flight.

The 40-year-old pilot, who was the only person aboard, said he chose to come down on to that particular street in order to avoid injuring anybody, although he realised his plane was probably going to be written off.

He miraculously suffered just minor bruising, but he could now see his licence suspended due to his plane not being fuelled properly.

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Colin told NBC News he’s participating in the investigation by aviation authorities.

The Federal Aviation Authority and the National Transportation Safety Board will be further investigating the crash.

The pilot himself also shot some footage of his crashed plane and can be heard saying: “The tree stopped me, pretty good.”


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