Paranoid Putin surrounded himself with paid actors at despots New Year speech

Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to have "surrounded himself with paid actors" at his New Year speech.

Paranoid Putin appeared flanked by troops, or what some people are saying are actors after a few familiar faces were spotted in the military brag.

The despot's address featured Russian soldiers who had allegedly been fighting in Ukraine during the bloody invasion which began last February, but a few familiar faces appeared.

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Familiar faces were the backdrop for tyrant Putin's ominous speech, although those same faces had been seen with Putin time and time again in a series of public engagements.

One such image featured a blonde woman, spotted in the background of the New Year speech, also featuring earlier in the year aboard a boat with the warmonger.

Flanked by 20 so-called squaddies, it would appear Putin's "actors" made yet another appearance, sporting medals and dressed up in military garb.

Claims over the potential of actors being used behind Putin during his speech were aired following criticism from Nobel peace prize winner Oleksandra Matviichuk.

She, among many, were critical of Putin's use of "actors", who are in "short supply" in Russia, which may explain the familiar faces in Russian propaganda.

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Matviichuk said: "Putin wanted to copy Zelensky, who came to the Ukrainian defenders in Bakhmut. But after ten months of full-scale war, even actors are in short supply in Russia."

Earlier reports of Putin allegedly using actors to prop up his publicity stunts were aired by The Sun, with indications that a hospital patient had also posed as a factory worker.

Trusted Russian stooges are said to be in place, replacing real people so that the despot, whose health woes have constantly been questioned, does not have to interact with real people.

Daily Star had previously reported Putin's ailing health, with one expert believing the despot's health is now a "security issue".

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