Pakistani militants attack Chinese nationals in Gwadar

Pakistani Sunny Khel tribe protest on highway

Separatist militants have attacked a seven-vehicle convoy carrying Chinese nationals in Gwadar, Pakistan.

The attack started at around 9.30am local time on Sunday near Faqeer Colony Bridge in the port city.

Explosions and gunfighting were heard around the city, as authorities battled with the insurgents.

Two militants are said to have died in the fighting, according to local media.

However there were no reports of any further casualties to either the Chinese nationals or locals.

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The separatists are fighting against the Pakistani government for greater regional autonomy for the province of Balochistan.

They oppose Chinese investments in the region, saying they do not benefit the local people.

Gwadar is being linked to China’s Xinjiang province as part of the $60 billion so-called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, or CPEC.

In an earlier statement, a spokesperson for the militants said: “BLA Majeed Brigade today targeted a convoy of Chinese engineers in Gwadar.

“The attack is still ongoing.”

More to follow…..

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