Over 700 journalists skipped queue with Holly and Phil – but not The Daily Star

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    Coffin queue-jumping occurred for over 700 journalists alongside broadcasters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, but not one journalist from The Daily Star did so.

    A recent round-up of tallied journalists spotted at the event showed that plenty of others had a free ride to the front, but nobody from the lettuce-championing paper did.

    The tally comes in the wake of front page splashes and a series of "excessive" focuses on This Morning presenters Holly and Phil, who hopped the queue to pay their respects in speedy fashion to Her Majesty.

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    Despite front page splashes mocking Holly and Phil for their jump to the front, it turned out plenty of journalists had done the same.

    A Freedom of Information request has revealed a whopping 733 journalists had skipped the queue.

    Mourners instead were levelled with 62 journalists from the BBC as well as 35 from The Sun hopping, skipping and jumping ahead of people who had queued for more than a day.

    Throwing about the figures onto a graph, Guido Fawkes, who admitted one member of the site had hopped the queue also, levelled into journalists from The Times, The Guardian and GBNews.

    Among those numbers were 17 from The Times, 14 from The Guardian and four from GBNews.

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    ITV were also ranked fairly highly, with 21 journalists from the This Morning broadcasters hopping through to the front of the queue, including Holly and Phil.

    The Telegraph had themselves a fair spread too, with 34 journalists reportedly making their way to the fast-track section.

    But not a single journalist from The Daily Star headed to the front, instead watering plans to crack through a livestream of a lettuce that would outlast a Prime Minister that wasn't even in power at the time of the queue jumping fiasco.

    Daily Star had reported on the fascinating queue that led to people being treated "like animals", a queue some just didn't fancy.

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