Outrage after mystery men filmed fishing pennies out of charity wishing well

A pair of strange blokes have caused anger after appearing to climb into a fountain and take coins thrown in by those donating to charity.

Video footage of the men jumping into the fountain at the Emett Clock, found inside Nottingham's Victoria Centre, caused outrage when it was posted online on Saturday (December 17).

The odd incident happened at around 6pm, and was filmed by mum-of-three Chloe Shanon, and the fountain in question is traditionally used for “penny wishes” with several charities benefiting from the donations throughout the year, Nottinghamshire Live reports.

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Mum Chloe said: “I just could not believe it.

“There were so many families asking the lads if they needed any money.”

And another onlooking, Kimberly, 24, explained how the pair were ignoring anyone speaking to them

She said: “They were so oblivious, they did not respond. “They were only talking between themselves.

“I just cannot believe that anyone could do something like this. It was horrible."

“My child was asking why they were taking the money – I just told him that they are being naughty.

“It was horrible to watch.

Who would steal charity money?”

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A police investigation has now been launched after CCTV footage was handed over by Victoria Centre management.

They called the incident “upsetting” and will damage work carried out by charities through the donations.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that an incident took place at the centre on Saturday 17 December. It appears that two individuals climbed into the fountain of the Emett Clock, taking some of the coins that have been thrown in there.

“For many years, our shoppers have kindly made ‘penny wishes’ at the Emett Clock, with all of the donations received being given to our chosen charities.

“It is upsetting for everyone to see the blatant disregard that is being shown for the generosity of others and the vital work that charities in our city carry out – particularly so close to Christmas.

“CCTV footage has been handed to Nottinghamshire Police and anyone with information on the incident should contact them directly.”

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