OnlyFans teacher sacked for report card d**k pic ratings now Millionaire Mama

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    A science teacher fired after a journalist exposed her racy content says she’s determined to “write her own story” and not allow others to dictate her future as she coins in thousands from OnlyFans.

    Sarah Juree, 40, taught elementary-age kids science as part of Starbase – a collaboration between schools and the US Defence Department.

    However, despite being a qualified teacher with a university degree, the single mum from South Bend, Indiana, found it impossible to make ends meet.

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    When she launched her OnlyFans page, Sarah’s intent wasn’t to "be a deviant" or a bad teacher, off to influence kids in any negative way, she says.

    “I had a job where I was using my intelligence,” she told Alex Burket’s Rise To The Challenge podcast, “but I was living in a poverty cycle.

    “However, as a woman I can take my clothes off and make five to eight times what I was making as a teacher simply because I have a body…”

    She even indulges blokes' kinky “hot for teacher” dreams by reviewing their penises in the form of a classroom report card, for an undisclosed fee.

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    Sarah said: "I thought when I started OnlyFans I was going to be in the MILF niche but then when the teacher stuff happened I was like oh my God, this teacher fantasy is a real thing”.

    It was only when her secret OnlyFans life was exposed by a journalist from Real News Michiana in an online article titled: “Local teacher has porn site on side, has kids call her by nickname she uses on porn site” that Sarah was forced to choose between her career and her side-hustle.

    According to the article, Sarah was known the nickname “Buttercup” while working with students at Starbase, and her OnlyFans username was “Buttercup1981.”

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    The article came to the attention of Starbase officials, who sacked the popular teacher on June 27 this year.

    They wrote: “These photos pose a real and immediate risk of harm to the reputation or business dealings of Starbase Indiana, Inc. up to and including the loss of schools, donors, community partners and our contract to operate with the State National Guard”.

    But Sarah insists that’s not the end of the story: “I’m determined to have a happy ending for myself,” she says.

    “I will not give power to other people to write my story for me because I am the author of my story and my story’s not over.

    The determined mother-of-one says: “There’s a lot of goodness that I have left to give to the world”.

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    She says that while working as a teacher exposed her to regular threats of sexual assault, OnlyFans has empowered her, and women like her, to tale ownership of theory own sexuality.

    “Onlyfans has also created an empowering platform for women to create an unlimited financial income for themselves,” she says.

    “Unlike being exploited on dating sites and being used for my images and targeted as an easy woman to take on a date and get free sex, I am now part of the energy exchange. I am now empowered.”

    And she’s looking after number one too, saying that regular gym visits help boost her mental health and that she’s working hard to ensure a prosperous future for herself and her little girl: “My daughter wrote on a dollar bill ‘millionaire mama’ and I keep that dollar bill,” Sarah says.

    “I just know that that’s going to manifest for me … someday…”


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