OnlyFans star jailed for ‘harming culture and dignity’ with racy snaps

A former doctor turned OnlyFans star has been jailed for six years for 'harming culture and dignity' with her skimpy content in Myanmar.

Model and former medic, Nang Mwe San, was found guilty of using the sites to distribute nude photos and videos for a fee, according to military authorities.

Ms San, who was charged two weeks ago, is believed to be the first person in Myanmar to be jailed for being an OnlyFans model and contravening Section 33 (A) of the country's Electronics Transactions Law.

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In the region where Ms San lived, Yangon's North Dagon Township, martial law is in force, and people charged with crimes have trials in military courts, and are also denied rights such as having a lawyer.

The model's trial was at Insein Prison Court, which is the largest in Myanmar and is where many political prisoners have recently been sent.

It comes after Ms San lost her medical licence in 2019 for continuing to post racy photos of herself on Facebook despite warnings from the Myanmar Medical Council.

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Ms San also posted photographs of herself at an anti-military protest following the coup in February 2021.

She previously hit the headlines when she had her medical licence revoked in 2019 for continuing to post racy snaps on Facebook, despite warnings from the Myanmar Medical Council.

After becoming a physician at the age of 22, she stopped practising in 2017 to pursue her lifelong dream of being a model.

She said she was forced to front the council in January 2019 where she was told her photos went against Burmese tradition, and was forced to sign an agreement to remove the photos or risk losing her licence.

After ignoring the order, her licence was revoked on June 3, 2019.

"Here there is so much sexism," Ms San told the New York Times. "They don't want women to have higher positions.

"And they judge women on what we wear. They don't even want us to wear trousers."

At the time of the decision Ms San admitted she was "shocked" and "sad", having worked hard to become a doctor.

"Did I dress in sexy outfits when I was meeting my patients? Never," she told Reuters.

The model hit back at the decision in a Facebook post saying: "Society doesn't own women's body.

"My body, my right.

"Thanks to all my fans from my country, Burma and all around the world who support and encourage me, I love y'all."


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