OnlyFans star humiliated after naked footage shared by man and aired on TV

OnlyFans model and 90s star Tziporah Atarah Malkah, also known as Kate Fischer, was devastated when a naked video of her was leaked and distributed to TV networks.

The 48-year-old broke down over the incident when she appeared in Sutherland Local Court in New South Wales, Australia, today (July 14) after she was found guilty of breaching a restraining order.

The star revealed that in May 2018 she was enjoying a pub lunch with friends when a video of her "naked flapping my arms around looking like a lunatic" appeared on a large TV in the venue.

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She said her naked body was barely blurred and that the footage had been shown without her consent.

"Shock, betrayal, humiliation… how could this be happening? This can’t be real. How could this be legal?" she said.

"I was just a puddle of disbelief and feeling the world had turned upside down, it wasn’t a fair world, not a just world, a disgusting, disgusting thing to happen."

Malkah had just two days earlier taken out a restraining order, known as an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), on the man allegedly responsible for sharing the footage.

The model also revealed the pair had been arguing when he secretly filmed her, before distributing the video to TV networks.

And although the incident happened four years ago, Malkah said it still has an impact on her day-to-day life.

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"When I walk into a shopping mall and I’m just getting bread and eggs and milk like a normal person, I feel so ashamed, I have my head down," she said.

"Who’s thinking I’m crazy, dangerous and unstable? I’m a laughing stock, not fit for a decent society."

For eight months she tried in vain to report the incident to police, but says she was laughed at, mocked, and told she had no evidence despite the embarrassing footage being shown on TV, she said.

She was finally able to make a police statement which she shared online, accompanied by expletives about the man who had shared the footage – breaching the terms of the AVO.

Since her 90s stardom Malkah has worked in care, for a refuge, and even as a traffic controller.

She said she had considered a return to television, but that conservative advertising bosses told her she "doesn’t fit their wholesome brand".

As a result she now lives "hand to mouth, week to week", and has been forced to borrow money from loved ones.

Fortunately, OnlyFans has offered the star a lifeline – and a way to get back to the on-screen life she loves.

"People subscribe to watch me, sort of like my own little TV show," the star said of the new venture.

Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson found Malkah was of good character, had good prospects of rehabilitation, and was unlikely to re-offend, saying: "The publication of material unclothed … I accept was incredibly distressing and it still clearly is still very distressing for you."

Malkah was not criminally convicted, instead being sentenced to a two-year good behaviour bond.

The star later took to Instagram to discuss the incident, slamming the law enforcement officials who she says neglected to help her.

"So this happened this morning," she captioned a screenshot of a Sydney Morning Herald article.

"As you can imagine I’ve got a lot to say about this & am having a fairly subdued day… It could’ve been worse, of course.

"But as far as I’m concerned it should never have happened in the first place, had I received proper response from the law & those with a Duty of Care towards me when all this began."


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