Okanagan musician beats stress by sharing online performances

Normally towering above his audience, Brent Tyler has had to adjust the way he connects and shares his music, with venues being forced to close their doors.

“In one day and I lost $3,000 of shows immediately,” Tyler told Global News on Saturday.

“Over the last week, I’ve lost $5,000 and I already have $20,000 worth of shows booked throughout summer through to September that are pending cancellation.”

The musician is weathering the storm by taking his performances online,  giving free concerts on Facebook. But one show, in particular, has blown him away.

“There were 1,000 people who watched it and I haven’t had 1,000 people at one of my shows in a long time,” said Tyler.

“I just thought, man, this is really cool how people have the time and opportunity to slow down and consume some music and consume some art.”

His robust voice has been carrying him through his craft that he has perfected over the last 20 years.

With it, he is hoping that he can continue to offer a little break from isolation with a Facebook live concert with Kelowna music duo, Josh and Bex on March 28 at 4 p.m.

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