Nun blames devil as she splits female models kissing in street during shoot

A fuming Italian nun shouted about "the devil" as she pulled apart two female models who were kissing on the street as part of a photoshoot.

The scene took place in Naples' Spanish Quarter as actress-models Serena De Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were shooting a commercial.

The duo, both wearing Napoli football jerseys, embrace before a nun charges over and grabs them, yanking them apart.

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"What are you doing? What are you doing? It’s the devil! Jesus, Joseph, Sant’Anna and Maria!" the nun screams.

The two young women, who star in the TV series Mare fuori, laugh as the nun continues her remonstrations.

Roberta Mastalia, makeup artist on the shoot, told Italian media that the nun had initially asked the team if they had been to mass that morning.

"We were in the Quartieri Spagnoli, in an alley, doing a shoot for a magazine with the two protagonists of Mare Fuori as models. Suddenly a nun came and asked us if we went to mass in the morning," she said.

The nun then sensationally began blaming the younger generation for Coronavirus.

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"When we said no, we hadn’t gone to the fair, she started blaming our generation for the coronavirus…then she noticed the models were kissing and ran to intervene," Mastalia continued.

Reports suggested the nun blessed herself as she finally left the scene.

Roberta added: "At first glance we were overwhelmed by this behaviour. We took it ironically, in fact, as seen in the video, the models are laughing.

"After a while, however, we asked the nun to leave as she was obtrusively interfering with our work and she was slowly walking away."

Kyshan Wilson, 20, has shared the videos on her Instagram but is yet to comment on them.

"God doesn’t love LGBT," wrote her co-star Serena de Ferrari, posting the clips on her profile.


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