North Korea ramps up military at the border – ‘Carcasses fall into the river’

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The secluded regime has deployed its elite “Storm Core” military unit for the purposes of defending its frontiers against the deadly virus. At least 100 members of the “Storm Core” brigade have been sent to the northern province of North Hamgyong and their operations there have created scenes of carnage. The soldiers have dug in on the banks of the Tumen River and have been mowing down any life-form that approaches the border, human, beast, or bird.

The specific instructions given to the troops is to fire unconditionally upon anything approaching the border.

The gruesome command has created a glut of corpses in the river.

A source from North Korea spoke to Daily North Korea news outlet and said: “Armed personnel from the Storm Corps sent to Hoeryong’s border villages are specialising in hunting wild animals and birds that approach the border.”

“In fact, they are shooting wild animals along the Tumen River as soon as they discover them.”

The source added the Storm Corps company has been using “net guns and explosives to defend” the border.

The source said: “Recently, they shot and killed black crows that were flying over the Tumen River into our country from China.

“Carcasses that fall into the river are allowed to float downstream.

“All the ones that fall in our territory are burned.

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“The soldiers look at this as a justified defensive measure.

“They believe themselves to be waging a fierce fight to stop the infectious disease from entering the country.”

North Korean authorities have taken strict measures because they believe that humans have been transmitting the virus to animals.

There has yet to be concrete evidence that this is the case, worldwide only circumstantial evidence of this aspect of the pandemic has arisen.

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Locals are horrified at the rising death toll of wildlife building up at the border.

The source said: “The animals unknowingly try to cross the border and are shot dead.

“The Tumen River area is so brutal now we don’t even think about going to the riverside.

“It’s likely that armed soldiers temporarily tasked with special duties like hunting will be deployed in companies or platoons not just to Hoeryong but also other major cities in the border region.”

North Korea’s priority as part of its “80-day battle” ahead of the Eighth Party Congress is to control coronavirus within its borders.

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