North Korea chaos: Kim orders production of birthday sweets despite coronavirus outbreak

The country is set to produce a huge amount of sweets for children despite the coronavirus crisis, accordion to Radio Free Asia. There is a tradition in North Korea that children receive sweets on April 15 in order to celebrate the birthday of the late founder of the communist state. This day is thought to be the most important day in the calendar.

Although North Korea has not reported any cases yet of coronavirus, South Korea has reported 8,961 infections and 111 deaths.

Many countries are very sceptical that North Korea is indeed free from the deadly virus.

Some people have said it is not appropriate for sweets to be produced when the country is tackling a food shortage.

According to Radio Free Asia, one source said: “The authorities banned group activities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but they are pushing employees at the factory every day, saying they must provide candies to children for Kim Il Sung’s birthday”.

Roh Kyoung-ho, a doctor at the National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital Department of Laboratory Medicine, has said: “Despite the fact that North Korea closed its borders or refused to allow Chinese or foreign travellers in, it is very likely that some North Koreans are already infected.

“I don’t think it’s even possible to measure cases there because North Korea’s medical system is not well-established or advanced.”

North Korea could be successful at keeping the virus at bay thanks to their quarantines and an isolation centre.

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Persecution International Christian Concern has said: “People are complaining that the government is focusing on candy production at a time when food is harder to come by and the price skyrocketed.

“Given the candy companies have the same supply chain as food producers, people worry that they will see further shortage of food.”


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This week South Korea has reported the lowest number of Coronavirus cases since the infection rates peaked a month ago.

Kim Il-sung was the first leader of North Korea, which he ruled from 1948 until his death in 1994.

North Korea has claimed that Trump offered the country help in dealing with any coronavirus outbreak.

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