New mum, 20, dies after putting hand in washing machine to empty it

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A young mum has tragically died after she suffered an electric shock when she stuck her hand into a washing machine.

Viviane Rodrigues thought the load had finished when she went to empty the washer at her home in Juazeiro, north-east Brazil.

Investigators said the machine was still running when she went to retrieve some garments when the freak accident happened this week.

She was rushed to the hospital after she endured the shock but was sadly pronounced dead when she arrived to the emergency unit.

Following an autopsy, her body was taken to the rural community of Gameleira do Di in the municipality of Campo Formoso, where her family lives.

She was buried in Gameleira do Di on 16th June. She leaves behind a husband and a nine-month-old son.

It is not the only washing machine tragedy that has been reported in recent years.

A young child last year died after being found in an appliance that had been switched on.

The pre-school-age child was found unresponsive in a front-loading washing machine, Stuff reports.

A spokesperson said that officers were notified of an incident in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The force said: "One person was injured and taken to hospital where they later died.

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"Police are making enquiries into the circumstances of the death, and the coroner has been informed."

The potential dangers of washing machines and children have been widely reported.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, at least three related deaths of children aged five and younger have occurred since 2014.

There have also been about 3,000 emergency room visits related to washing machines.

Non-profit group Consumer Reports say of the risks: "It's critical that parents explain to their young children that appliances are not toys and that they can be dangerous.

"It's equally important to point out any potential dangers to anyone watching your children while you're away.

"Remember that young kids are at a developmental stage that makes them especially curious."

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