Mystery as cows are found lying dead on different beaches after floods

A state in Brazil has been gripped by mystery as several cows were found lying dead on beaches throughout the area.

Three cows were found in and around Guaratuba, on the coast of Paraná, a state in southern Brazil, leading city officials to question how they got there.

The best guess from authorities is that the bovines were dragged by flood waters that wreaked havoc in the area last week.

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Teams from the Environment Department of Guaratuba City Hall collected the animals and buried them after they were found on Sunday, December 4.

A week ago, the cities of Guaratuba and Morretes flooded after heavy rain in the region. The level of the Cubatão River, in Guaratuba, rose and covered the bridge that gives access to the surrounding rural area.

The accumulated volume of rainfall in the last week exceeded twice the historical average for November, reports stated.

It comes after a mysterious creature dubbed 'baby Nessie' washed up dead on a UK beach.

Images of the animal's corpse were shared by the person who found it on the r/CasualUK Reddit page.

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They wrote: "Found this on the beach the other day, anyone know what it is?"

The creature appears to have a flat, rounded head, four legs or fins of varying sizes and a long tail. Its body is dark grey in colour with white spots on its head right down to the tail.

Baffled Reddit users rushed to the comments section to guess what it could be, with one comparing it to a "sleep paralysis demon".

"Baby Loch Ness Monster," was another suggestion, although the images are far too clear for it to be Nessie.

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