‘My daughter’s husband chopped her up – and now I can’t see my granddaughter’

A bitter war of words has broken out between the families of a Russian woman whose butchered body was found in a suitcase and the German husband accused of killing her.

Ekaterina Baumann, 32, was drugged, strangled and cut into pieces by her hubby Walter, 43, according to prosecutors in Bremerhaven, Germany.

But now Ekaterina's family have accused officials of keeping them away from the couple's six-year-old daughter Viktoria, who has been put in state care since the crime.

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They claim she’s been banned from speaking Russian and is being pushed towards her German family.

And her grandmother Svetlana Bolgova, 53, is accusing Baumann's family of being in the family home on the night Ekaterina died.

Svetlana told Russian media she had managed to travel to Germany on July 15, in time for her granddaughter's birthday.

She said: “I made it in time for my granddaughter's birthday, she had just turned six years old. But I was only allowed to meet with her after five days and only for an hour. Only an hour!

"I stayed in Germany for two weeks, but that was the only meeting we were allowed to have."

She said she was able to hug her granddaughter only in the presence of a social worker and an interpreter.

“Under close supervision, we talked a little, we drew. Before that, I signed a paper promising that I would not collect my granddaughter or tell her about her father.

"I did everything, but after that meeting I received a paper from child services saying that we could not see each other anymore."

Ekaterina's family have also reportedly been denied the chance to speak to Viktoria via video link – and their offer to write to her in German has also been turned down.

Svetlana told Russian media: "My granddaughter is forbidden to speak Russian. They explain this by the fact that her father allegedly cursed at her in Russian, which means that this language can injure her.

"But this is not true, because Katya sang songs to her, read her fairy tales in her native language.”

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Svetlana says her son-in-law's relatives are communicating with Viktoria, despite not being allowed to do so as they are under suspicion of involvement in the killing.

She said: "There is already evidence that they were in the house on the night of the murder. It's caught on camera."

Ekaterina’s body parts were found stuffed in a suitcase on the banks of the Weser river in Bremerhaven in early March.

Her husband, a docker, has been charged with her murder, with prosecutors believing he spiked Ekaterina's drink with diazepam before strangling her while she was unconscious.

They say he then chopped her up and stuffed her body parts into the case.

A court will eventually decide who will get custody of Viktoria, who was at home on the night of her mother's killing, according to prosecutors.


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