Murder suspect comes out of hiding in Afghanistan to beg for flight home

A murder suspect is begging to be rescued from Afghanistan four years after running from Australia's courts.

Saied Hussaini went into hiding in 2017 after being accused of involvement in the torture and killing of his friend Dejan Dimitrovski.

The wanted man, 32, allegedly used his brother's passport to leave his home of Perth, Australia for a new life in Afghanistan instead of facing trial.

Since the Taliban's militant takeover, Hussaini has reportedly joined the thousands of Afghan citizens and visitors trying to leave the country from Kabul Airport.

According to 9News the suspect has made it into the heavily guarded international airport where he is waiting for a rescue flight.

Hussaini's barrister Jeremy Noble has defended his client's right to return to Australia and insists he will do as asked of him by the authorities when back.

Mr Noble told 9News: "All Australian citizens are entitled to the safety that they deserve by right of their citizenship. This man will face due process when he comes back to Australia."

The Australian government has been working to safely extract its citizens, their families and those who have been given visas from Afghanistan, LadBible reports.

How long until Hussaini boards a flight home remains to be seen but in the meantime, the Taliban is attempting to take some control of Kabul airport so only foreigners can leave.

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Daily Mail Australia reports that Hussaini will not be able to walk so much as a few yards before being handcuffed by Western Australia Police on arrival in the country.

He will be formally charged with murder the moment his plane lands, three other men having already been locked up in relation to Dimitrovski's death.

Two of them were jailed for nine to ten years for manslaughter, the third is serving four years in prison for being an accessory. A fourth man was acquitted.

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Justice Anthony Derrick said during the trial that Hussaini remained a suspect of interest in the killing of the 36-year-old, LadBible reports.

Dejan Dimitrovski's body was found lying in a pool of blood and water in August 2017, with police stating his injuries showed he suffered before being killed.

The damage included blunt force trauma to the face, strangulation to his neck and multiple stabbing to his torso and foot.

The discovery by police of ropes, cling film, empty water bottles and duct tape close to the body suggests Dimitrovski was cruelly tortured.

After just two weeks of Hussaini's arrest at the grisly scene of the killing, he bolted for Afghanistan.

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