Mum forced daughter, 17, to sleep with multiple men to pay off loan shark debt

A mother is alleged to have forced her daughter, now 17, to have sex with multiple men to pay off her loan shark debts.

The girl was eventually rescued and taken to a children's shelter following a tip off to a social worker in March this year.

The mother and daughter were living in the same property as the various men she borrowed money from. Some of the loans were taken out in the daughter's name.

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Screenshots show that the mother owed one man between RM4,062 to RM5,562 (£814 to £1,114) in February and March.

Speaking to China Press, the girl claimed she was forced to sleep with a 60-year-old tenant earlier this year.

The man, who she referred to as the "godfather", would pay RM100 (£20) to sleep with her. The payment was then passed to her mum.

Throughout this period she and the man would call each other "girlfriend" and "boyfriend", all while the mum continued to loan money from him.

The girl also described being forced to sleep with another man in a similar arrangement.

It has also been reported that the mum forced her older daughter to do the same, leading to her taking her own life.

Lin, a social worker at the shelter, said the girl would have been easily manipulated as she has a low IQ.

The mother reportedly agreed to allow Lin to take the girl in at the shelter, with the promise of an education, safety, and a visitation scheduled for October next year.

However, Lin claims the mother reneged on that agreement and attempted to meet with her daughter several times. She even brought loan sharks to the shelter and accused the workers of abducting the girl, it is claimed.

Lin also told the China Press that one of the creditors made multiple calls asking about the girl's whereabouts and making threats when answers weren't provided.

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The harassment is what forced him to go to the authorities, with social workers accompanying the girl to the police station on Tuesday (September 20) to file a report.

According to the China Press, a 57-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of raping an underage girl.

It was also reported that the girl herself is now reluctant to return to her mother.


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