Mum begged for police protection days before she was ‘burned to death by ex’

The mother of a severely autistic child begged for police protection just days before she was doused with alcohol and lit on fire, reportedly by a group headed by her ex.

Luz Raquel Padilla died from her injuries after the attack close to her home in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, on July 16.

Reports suggest that the attack may even have came about from the noise her disabled son made. Other reports suggested she feuded with her neighbours because of loud music that distressed her son.

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The young mum received death threats on several occasions, and just days before she was set upon by her cold-blooded killers, a warning was sprayed on the common area walls of her apartment complex.

"I'm going to burn you alive," read the chilling threat in Spanish, but despite this the authorities took no action.

Officials deemed the "threats from third parties" not enough for Luz to be enrolled in a special protection program.

"You're going to die machorra (tomboy)" and "You're going to die Luz" were also daubed on the walls, with the concerned mum taking to social media to denounce the people that were threatening her.

One of the messages Luz shared online read: “Even when am I going to have to live in fear that something could happen to my family and my aggressor is still wandering around the city with the danger of continuing to do harm."

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Excelsior, a Mexican newspaper, cited social media posts when they reported that Luz's main attacker was her ex partner, who also died because of the attack.

Other Mexican media reported that she had recently survived an attack with industrial chlorine.

The mum reportedly filed the complaint with the Zapopan police station, but there was no response.

Luz Raquel was the mother and caregiver of an 11-year-old boy, diagnosed with severe autism dependent on 24/7 care.

"Luz Raquel received constant death threats at her home against her and her son because of intolerance to the noises her son made in moments of crisis," wrote an autism charity on their Facebook page.

Police have made no arrests yet, reports in Mexico state.


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