MP heard shouting bring the lettuce back during Prime Ministers Questions

An MP was heard calling for the Daily Star's lettuce to come 'back' as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak answered questions in Parliament earlier today (November 9).

The Conservative leader stood in the House of Commons to take questions from opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer at PMQs when the comment was made.

Mr Sunak had just finished pledging more support for businesses to invest in creating more jobs to increase prosperity, causing a commotion among the crowd.

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He said: "Mr Speaker, we on this side of the house, we understand that. We will support businesses to invest, to create jobs because that is how we create prosperity. That's how we support strong public services and that's what you get with a Conservative government."

But among the brief disruption, a voice of a male MP heckled the PM, shouting: "Bring the lettuce back. Where’s the lettuce? A lettuce would be better.”

The comment referenced the Daily Star's live stream in the final days of Liz Truss' leadership – as the former PM was put to the test to see if she could last longer than lettuce in a wig.

She, of course, lost to the 60p vegetable and handed in her resignation just 45 days after taking over from Boris Johnson.

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As Truss resigned, more than 20,000 people tuned in to the YouTube stream which saw a plastic gold crown placed on the lettuce.

Rishi claimed his place in Number 10 shortly after but was quickly reminded by the Labour leader that he was “trounced” by Liz Truss in the previous leadership race – despite her not being able to beat the leafy veg.

Referencing the viral stream, Sir Keir said: "The only time he ran in a competitive election, he got trounced by the former prime minister, who herself got beaten by a lettuce."


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