Monster great white shark caught swimming near family on lobster fishing trip

A terrified family captured footage of a huge great white shark that was swimming alongside them as they went fishing for lobsters off the coast of Massachusetts, US.

An unnamed family of five from Iowa captured the footage, which struck fear in local beachgoers, as they chartered out to sea on Monday (June 13) and were around four miles off the coast of Wellfleet, in Cape Cod Bay when they spotted the creature.

They spotted the 15-foot sea beast swimming close to them while they were over waters that were around 60 feet deep.

The jaw-dropping footage, which shows the shark just below the water’s surface, was shared on the Facebook page Billingate Charters, where the family were heard yelling: "Holy smokes, that thing is huge, dude! That’s like 15 feet! That thing is enormous."

The video was captioned: "Billingsgate Charters took a wonderful family from Iowa on a Combo Charter today.

"After slaying the Striped Bass and filling our coolers with big fish, we headed out to our lobster pots. We were greeted at our first pit by this Monstah!"

According to told, the boating company owner, David Stamatis steered the vessel closer to the massive man-eater to give the family a better look.

Stamatis said: "They were thrilled, it made their trip. Not only did they catch a bunch of fish and lobster for dinner — this was an unbelievable bonus.

“This is a majestic, beautiful, massive animal and to see it up close like that, for those folks it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event."

However, he acknowledged the predator may not appreciate the presence of humans in the ocean, adding: "Whether you like them or not, you have to respect them. You could be the next check off his meal list.”

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The news comes after incredible footage emerged from inside an underwater cage showing the terrifying moment a “zombie" shark attacks its prey – just inches away from a filmmaker.

Photographer and filmmaker, Euan Rannachan, 36, was scouting the ocean for predators off the coast of Guadalupe island, about 125 miles from mainland Mexico when he captured the incident.

He shared the clip on his YouTube channel, EuanArt, showing the great white shark swimming to the top of the water before biting onto some bait and thrashing it around the water, showing off her razor-sharp teeth, before gulping it down.

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