Mini-heatwave in days as ‘warmer side of the Jet stream’ drifts to UK

UK weather: Met Office forecasts drier and brighter conditions

Weather forecasters believe they have detected signs of the first British heatwave of 2023. While the UK has been subject to a tumultuous last week, with widespread bluster caused by Noa on the west coast and beyond, the previously pleasant conditions appear set to return. In the coming week, weather maps show the mercury tipping beyond the 13C and 15C trends and towards the 20C mark for the first time this year.

This weekend, of Saturday, April 15, to Sunday, April 16, will give people their first glimpse of summer.

The latest forecast from the Met Office predicts highs of 15C in “fine and dry” southern England this Saturday.

By Sunday, the country will become “rather warm” at 19C before rallying for the week ahead.

The comparatively sweltering temperatures appear set to exceed those in some of Europe’s holiday hotspots.

Weather maps from WXCharts, which uses data from MetDesk, show that temperatures could climb several degrees above the average, especially on the west coast.

Temperature anomaly charts – which indicate how much higher than average the mercury could climb – suggest highs between 4C and 6C above usual.

With current spring averages of 12C in the UK, anomalies could mean highs of 16C and 18C.

If these predictions come to pass, the country could see temperatures rivalling some of Europe’s holiday hotspots.

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Forecasts suggest Rome will see 17C highs, with Nice and Barcelona seeing 18C this weekend.

The Met Office has predicted that the pleasant weather will continue into the following week.

On Monday, Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said the UK will end up “on the warmer side of the Jet stream”, with temperatures reaching “16C, 17C, 18C or 19C” with the chance that Britons could see 20C “for the first time this year”.

The long-range forecast, which covers from Wednesday, April 19 to Friday, April 28, predicts the country will remain mostly dry.

Through most of the period, the forecasters said coming “high pressure” would produce some “fine and dry conditions”.

People living in the north and west can look forward to the driest weather with “sunny spells”.

The forecast adds: “Temperatures mostly in the rather warm to warm category, particularly across the west and northwest.

“Eastern coastal areas are likely to remain rather cool under the influence of a moderate to strong easterly breeze, and some sheltered parts may be locally chilly overnight.”

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