Millionaire hunter who shot wife while on safari to claim millions found guilty

An American millionaire and big game hunter has been found guilty of both murder and mail fraud.

Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph, 67 and from Pennsylvania, was found guilty of shooting his wife, Bianca Rudolph, in cold blood nearly six years ago during a safari holiday.

The jury reached their decision after a three-week hearing at a Federal courthouse in Denver, USA.

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Following his wife’s death, he scooped up just under £4million in life insurance payments. He said her death was a self-inflicted accident.

Years after her death while out for dinner with his new partner Lori Milliron, Mr Rudolph was overheard shouting “I killed my f*****g wife for you!”

Mrs Rudolph was killed in Zambia on October 11, 2016, although her killer husband insisted that she had accidentally shot herself in the chest while packing up a shotgun.

He said she killed herself by mistake with the weapon in the bathroom as she hurried to return home from her time away.

Milliron had been the manager of Mr Rudolph’s dental practice in the Pittsburgh area.

Prosecutors said that Mr Rudolph had decided to kill his wife after she said she wanted to play a bigger role in how financial decisions were made and insisted that Milliron be fired.

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He however claimed that there was nothing to be gained from killing his wife with regard to Milliron as he and Mrs Rudoph had been allowed to sleep with other people since 2000, having agreed to live in an open relationship.

At the time of his wife’s murder, Mr Rudolph had around £12.3million and had little need for the further millions gained by the death.

Milliron was said by prosecutors to have discovered the murder after it had taken place. The same jury found her to be an accessory after the fact to murder after she lied to a federal jury about the case and her and Mr Rudolph’s relationship.

Life in prison or the death penalty stand as the maximum sentences possible for Mr Rudolph.


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