MI6 chief claims Putins plans will collapse within weeks as Russia runs out of steam

Russia 'about to run out of steam' says MI6 Chief

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MI6 chief Richard Moore was blunt about Russia’s chances of victory in Ukraine during a rare public appearance. Speaking at a security forum in Aspen, Colorado, Mr Moore claimed that the world would witness Russia “run out of steam” in Ukraine. The head of MI6 said that Russia will struggle to maintain its military campaign, allowing Ukraine to counter-attack and beat the enemy forces back.

He said: “I think they are about to run out of steam.

“I think our assessment is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to find manpower, material, over the next few weeks.

“They will have to pause in some way and that will give the Ukrainians opportunities to strike back.

“Their morale is still high, they are starting to receive increasing amounts of good weaponry.”

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The head of Britain’s foreign intelligence service continued: “It is important for the Ukrainians themselves that they demonstrate their ability to strike back.

“That will be important for their continuing high morale.”

He added recent Russian gains were “tiny,” echoing remarks from the head of the US military who claimed Russia was only gaining one kilometre in ground a day.

Mr Moore also suggested that Russia and Vladimir Putin have seen “epic fails” in its initial invasion goals which were the removal of Ukraine’s president, capturing Kyiv, and sowing disunity in NATO.

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He also agreed with CIA Director William Burns’s assessment of President Putin’s health, saying “there is no evidence that Putin is suffering from serious ill health”.

This comes as an overnight address from Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Ukraine has the potential to inflict major losses on Russia thanks to the influx of Western weapons.

In a speech after meeting with senior military commanders, President Zelensky said the supply of modern weapons meant the intensity of attacks on the Russians could be stepped up.


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He said: “The participants of the staff meeting agreed that we have a significant potential for the advance of our forces on the front and for the infliction of significant new losses on the occupiers.”

Kyiv believes that Western-supplied weapons, especially longer-range missiles such as US HIMARS, will allow it to launch a counterattack and recapture territory.

This comes as Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that Russia’s offensive is not limited to the eastern region of Ukraine.

He said that plan of attack goes beyond Donetsk and Luhansk into “the Kherson region, the Zaporizhia region and a number of other territories”.


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